Infraction – Raquel Van Dyken


This is the sequel to Fraternize, a book I liked a lot. This one, not so much, not because the writing was not good but because I didn’t feel much liking for Quinton Miller. He felt like an undecided guy who stomped on Kinsey’s heart because he just couldn’t make up his freaking mind.
In the previous book, Emerson and Quinton were childhood friends and later high school sweethearts. Some events took them apart and when they saw each other for the first time in years, he was hostile to her and she was devastated. Then Grant Sanchez claimed Emerson and in that wonderful book, a gradual shift happened and eventually Sanchez got the girl. And I cheered…
There’s another girl in the cheerleaders, Kinsey, who befriended Emerson when she joined the cheerleaders. Kinsey’s brother is Jax, the Bucks quarterback. Jax is extremely protective of his little sister, and he threatens death and dismemberment to any team player who dares approach her. She lives a pretty sheltered life, quite controlled in her social life, thanks to her brother. Even so, seven months ago Kinsey had a one-night stand with Miller one weekend in Las Vegas. They swore to keep it a secret. When the book starts, Jax is determined to send Kinsey to Europe for the summer, to get her away from an abusive ex-boyfriend who has just joined the Bucks team. And Miller helps Jax pack Kinsey off! Jax wants her away for the summer so he can concentrate on their training for the preseason. And off Kinsey went to Europe…
When she returns, she hates Miller’s guts, and yet Jax wants them to assume a fake boyfriend/girlfriend relation to stave off Anderson’s attentions. He’s the abusive ex, and Jax wants to make sure Kinsey is protected. Jax is the team captain and quarterback and he feels like he has to be the best in all facets of his life. He divides all his responsibilities in compartments and revisits each to make sure he has it controlled and make sure he performs good in all. And he has a hero complex too. Very exhausting to be Jax!
During the book Miller runs hot and cold and he has a hard deciding how he feels about Kinsey. He still has unresolved issues with Emerson, plus he respects Jax and is a little afraid of the repercussions that being with Kinsey will cause his friendship with Jax and the team effort. I could finish the book because I loved all the other characters and wanted to know how it ends. Kinsey set Jax up with one of her girlfriends for an after game dinner party and the two struck up a romance that was actually more entertaining than Kinsey and Miller. For me, these two are the ones who made the book, they had the same charm and chemistry that Emerson and Sanchez had in the previous book.

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