Big Daddy Seal – Mickey Miller & Jackson Kane


Jackson Kane’s books show a lot of promise but IMO he still has to hone his craft a little more. In this book, some parts were more amateurish than other books I’ve read written by him The story is a good one, the pace was great, but some of the character’s thoughts processes were rough, needed some refining.

The main character, Cade Houston, is returning to his hometown after an absence of eight years. He had left, straight out of high school, to join the Navy Seals, abandoning an abusive home situation with an alcoholic father. He was estranged from his brother, who was killed with his wife in a car accident and left everything to Cade. Now Cade came to town to deal with his brother’s house and estate and found out that he also inherited a six month baby girl Emma.

He also returned to see the girlfriend he had left behind when he joined the Navy. Genny had taken over her parents’ soap factory and is making ends meet, but barely. She’s having a hard time and her sister is not helping at all, but rather sabotaging her efforts. When she saw Cade, she was not very happy to see him.

Cade asks for help dealing with Emma and Genny accepts, in exchange for a hefty compensation. Being together brings back memories of how well they got along, and re-kindles their chemistry. There were some ghastly sex scenes; after I read the first one, I skipped the other ones. I didn’t like the language and some references to size. The sex scenes needed a lot of refinement.

I found Cade a negative character. He had problems with his brother, something about the brother abandoning the home situation, which was not very clear in the story. Consequently, they had a rift and when his brother tried to renew contact, Cake blew him off. Now that he has custody of his niece, he has guilt feelings about making amends. I hated the fact that he didn’t want to get attached to his beautiful niece and was calling her Baby instead of Emma so he wouldn’t form a relation with her and start loving her. He had plans of giving her away and started calling his brother’s friends to see who would take her. I found this such a despicable act! I got the impression he was an excellent soldier, but needed to learn to be a regular citizen. He had good intentions, but he was truly clueless on some concerns.

The scene I loved best in the book is when Genny confronts her sister, evicts her from her house and burns her clothes. It was a savage act, but so releasing, and so well-deserved. I really liked the plot about Genny and her work woes and her family relations better than the story about Cade and his conflicts about his brother, his desire to return to his military life versus accepting responsibility for Emma and his feelings about Genny. IMO, this had all the elements for a good plot, but the execution lacked technique and better phrasing.

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