Prince Charming – CD Reiss


Ok, time to start gushing! The word I would give this book is delicious. It was like when you go out on a beautiful day and have wonderful weather and a great lunch, and it was all delicious and enjoyable. This book was like this, a delicious treat to read. I loved both characters, not just the infamous Keaton Bridge, AKA Alpha Wolf. In King of Code, Alpha Wolf was a spooky, scary character. In this book, he starts as an impenetrable fortress of a man, yet when he meets FBI Special Agent Cassie, he develops chinks in those impenetrable walls. I loved, loved, to see him develop a weakness for Cassie. This was an incredible story of opposite ends meeting, a former black hacker who wants to go legit and a FBI agent who is sworn to put down the infamous Alpha Wolf. And the best part of this story is that Cassie was not one of those intractable stubborn women who stick to their guns until the very end. Not that, in this book, we see both characters develop a vulnerability in their armors and a tenderness to the other. It was bliss to read this book. Favorite scene: when Cassie went to the hospital to see about agents shot in the course of duty and Keaton arrives, screeching tires and squealing brakes in his black Lexus, and comes in running to the ER, all disheveled and frantic, thinking she had been the agent shot. And then, that crushing hug, relieved she was intact. For me, that was the sublime scene in this book. And the start of something wonderful. It was a great love story and with a stunning plot twist at the end. Not to be missed!

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Newly retired, lover of romance novels. I've been reading since early childhood, loved those fantasy tales with Princes and Princesses. As I grew, my love for romance blossomed into romance novels, beginning with Harlequin romances. I hope that through this page, I can share my experience and joy on reading my romance novels and make friends.
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