Hot Shot – Karina Halle


Thank you author, for writing the best book of the trilogy last! This was the best book of this set of brothers, a hero who fights forest fires, but who hates himself and is all broken up. How can he love a woman if he doesn’t love himself? A true story of redemption and the loyal woman who loved him throughout all his journey to redemption.

Fox is the oldest of the Nelson brothers and he’s also the one with the biggest childhood trauma. He was there when his mother left the house and drowned herself in the river. He was seven at the time and he knew something was wrong, but like a little boy, when his favorite waffles were not ready and his little baby brother is crying all the time, he took it against his mother. Once he realizes his mother will never come back and that he was the last one who saw her and he was hateful to her, his future was cast. A man in torture.

Del has always been in love with Fox. When they met she was six years old, and even then she knew he would be a special one in her life. She always looked up to him. Likewise, when Del came into Fox’s life, his anger and darkness were alleviated by her lightness. She is his best friend, his special person, the one he needs to calm the raging black fire that burns in his soul. However, he cringes from love and wants nothing to do with it.

When this book starts, Fox is just starting a relation with a new girlfriend, Julie, and Del is devastated by jealousy and hurt. She can’t stand to be in the same room with Fox and girlfriend and this causes tension in their friendship. Fox relies a lot on Del and this confuses him. He doesn’t realize that Del is in love with him, clueless like a man! Julie does see the love between them and bows out but then Del and Fox are in a quandary. Del loves him, she wants everything, Fox only goes as far as friends with benefits. His work takes him away a lot of the time and the stress and losses suffered have increased the darkness in his soul. He is slowly going in a downward spiral, made more urgent by Del’s reluctance in formalizing a union just to make the best of things.

I hadn’t realized that Fox was so broken. I had seen in previous books that he had problems and that he and Del had an unrequited love, but I was sure that they knew their feelings, just hadn’t taken the courage to act on them. This book had Del as a supporting friend who secretly loved him, until she wanted everything and then lost everything for a while. Then Fox had a very hard journey to take to find himself and find love in himself, forgive himself for his guilt toward his mom and make amends with all the family members he had alienated.

It was a great angsty book, I read it in one day, it was so good.

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