Full Contact – Kathy Coopman & HJ Bellus


Reading this book was difficult, for various reasons. One, the writing was choppy. Two, some parts didn’t make sense or the logical sense of a scene didn’t flow smoothly. Three, the plot refers to a Mafia family who owns a football team and stadium and presents a united front with law-abiding co-workers. My mind boggled.

Justice and Liam were college sweethearts. After one year of being together, Justice left Liam because she’s a Mafia princess and she felt that association with her family would harm Liam’s future as a quarterback. It breaks her heart and she never recovers from the pain and the desolation this action caused her.

Seven years later, her family and the Diamond Empire have purchased and constructed a huge football stadium in Boise, OH, and made Justice the General Manager of the football team. And the quarterback they’ve drafted is none other than Liam.

When they meet, there’s a lot of anger but also a lot of heartbreak. Liam is angry because Justice didn’t give him a chance to make a choice. Justice spends a lot of time either in tears or anger, Liam spend almost all his time in anger. Liam has a great family, and they love Justice. When they meet again, they welcome her with open arms. She had never presented Liam to her parents. Even though she loves them dearly, she was ashamed of her family’s business dealings. Even so, they all start to mingle as Justice and Liam start to manage their relation. Once they get together, then we get another complication in the manner of a stalker.

The book needed tightening and smoothing out the dialogues. It was not a smooth and enjoyable book to read, plus it was somewhat predictable. The only surprise I got was the stalker identity because he hardly appears in the book.

In the end, the fact that there were Mafia people dealing with regular law-abiding citizens was presented as a very normal thing. I have no idea if this is common, but I have a little problem with normalizing what are people outside of the law. I’m sure they are loving parents but they are still outside the law.

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