Scoring Mr. Romeo – AM Madden & Joanne Schwehm


This would be a great book for readers who love sweet, romantic stories. But that’s not me. I like my books to have a little more angst and bite and this book didn’t do this. It’s the story of an executive whose two best friends had already succumbed to matrimony but he’s not on the lookout for a relation. He has a best friend who happens to be a woman, and he’s doing great hanging out with Cassie and enjoying evenings with their circle of friends. He inherited Cassie as a bestie because she’s friends with his male best friends’ wives.

So one day, he goes by Cassie’s school (she teaches Kindergarten) to pick her up for dinner and gets painted on by a precious little kid, five years old, Mikey. Then his mother arrives and tries to fix the splotch of paint that Mikey left on Luca’s crotch and it’s the cause of hysterics for Cassie. For Luca, it meant that he was hit by a 4 x 4 when he saw this beautiful woman. He wasn’t looking for love and it hit him in the face at the least expected place and moment.

He connects with little Mikey through their mutual love of soccer. He falls in love with the little boy, and then with the mother. Through all this time, we also have frequent appearances of Kyle and Jude, his best friends, their wives, and Cassie, who also becomes a good friend to Sabrina, Mikey’s mom. I realize this is a series and there are previous books about Kyle and Jude’s love stories, but if they are as simple and sweet, no thanks.
The book is very well written, has a slow pace but a great balance between dialogues, action and prose. However, the romance progresses at a snail pace, and it is so bland. I didn’t feel any passion, I wasn’t riveted. Halfway through the book I was desperate to be done. It took me three days to read it when I usually read a book in one and a half days. However, those who like feel-good, simple and sweet romances may find a liking for this book.

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