Hidden Seams – Alessandra Torre


This book was awesome! It was like love at first sight against their wills LOL. Totally blew my mind, it went against so many schemes. A guy pretending to be gay and a woman who lives on the edge of the law, and who only wants to be part of a real family. They come from such different worlds but they make such explosive chemistry. I loved how Marco couldn’t hold against his attraction to Avery, it was like a magnetic pull that he couldn’t resist. When she was present, he felt full, when she was absent, he felt empty. It’s passionate, tender, explosive, mischievous. I loved, loved this book.

Marco Lent has pretended to be gay for the last ten years. He has also pretended to be in an exclusive relation with Vince Horace, a famous designer, who is very flagrantly gay. They have a secret agreement in which Marco pretends to be his boyfriend and in exchange he shares Vince’s empire which Marco will inherit upon his demise. When Vince dies, Marco is bereft because he has lost his mentor, his brother, his father. He’s now adrift because he lives a lie and cannot find his way out.

Avery has always felt displaced, like she doesn’t belong, like she hasn’t found somewhere she belongs. She’s adopted but her adoptive parents are not involved, they just wanted the appearance of a perfect family. After too many shenanigans, they leave her alone, cut her off, and she’s making her life in Detroit, laundering money, associating with scum, and protecting the Russian girls that are brought to work and who don’t always get into good working conditions. She has already met her birth mother, but didn’t feel the connection, and holds the hope of sometime meeting her father.

One day she’s watching a show and sees the news about this fashion mogul who’s just dies and he’s the spitting image of the photo she carries of her parents. He died in New York and her lawyer/best friend, sends a letter presenting her claim and requesting a DNA test.
Avery flies to New York to stop the letter from reaching its destination because she’s scare spitless to find out the truth. What she finds out is a beautiful man who leaves her breathless. And Marco finds a woman that he turns to be addicted to. Once Avery’s claim is known, Marco behaves horribly to her; they are enemies. Once he learns that she just wants to know, wants to belong, and renounces the inheritance, he realizes she’s not a gold digger but a girl looking for love. Initially he was a jerk, then he turned into a sweetheart. I loved, loved that he was addicted, besotted, devoted to Avery. Avery was a little prickly but she was rapidly falling under Marco’s charm, once he stopped scowling and growling.

This was a fantastic love story. Only Alessandra Torre could write a crazy scheme about a man who pretends to be gay to inherit a fashion empire and a girl who launders money for a living and ends up with a brilliant and compelling love story. I loved reading about Marco’s evolvement from a cold, unfeeling man to a man in love, possessive, protective and whipped. And the most incredible thing, this is a man who is incredibly pretty, he wears scarves, he loves having massages, he wears his hair perfectly arranged, and yet he’s so masculine and perfectly male in the book. That’s talent! On the other hand, Avery is centered. She knows her work is on the edge of illegal, yet she does it because no one else will protect her Russian girls like she does. She’s spunky, brave, and generous. The perfect woman to break apart Marco’s pretentious world. It was fantastic!

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