Hostage – Annika Martin & Skye Warren


I can’t believe this book! It was so compelling and hurtful and sweet at the same time. Something in me rebels against having a criminal star in a romance. And yet, the magic that the writers performed, had me rooting for the guy at the end. Talk about the power of redemption! This book has the allure of the forbidden, a criminal guy who is not prettily handsome but attractive in a rough, uncouth type of way. He has brilliant green eyes and a strong life force.

Summarily, Stone and his group of “brothers” suffered unspeakable and horrific abuse at the hands of prominent business men in Franklin City. They were kept captive in a basement for years and brought out for the pleasure of men and/or women. Lead by Stone, they escaped their prison, and they’ve been in a killing spree, investigating the men who were involved in the crime. Their form of interrogation was to torture and kill.

Brooke is your typical poor rich girl. Trapped in the confines of the rich people, with their parties and charity activities and social expectant-ions of certain behavior, she doesn’t feel right. Her family is in financial straits, yet they pretend all the time, spend money to keep appearances, but in their house, they eat chicken and rice every day. Brooke is used as a tool in their family’s machinations to maintain the façade of money and prestige. During her sweet sixteen birthday, she goes outside to have a pity party and witnesses a man being mugged. She intervenes and ends up being kidnapped and taken away. Except, that the guy murders the man and when he tries to kill Brooke, he can’t because it turns out he’s not your regular murderer. He’s Stone and he has an agenda, revenge for all the evil done to him and his brothers, and finding out all the culprits in the crime. Brooke is an unfortunate witness to his acts but he’s fascinated by her innocence and sweetness and can’t harm her, so he threatens her to silence. Likewise, Brooke is fascinated by this guy who appears to be more real than all the people in her world, even if he’s an outlaw.

From this moment, their fascination takes them on several more hostage situations, except that Brooke is a willing hostage. Brooke as a character doesn’t change through the book, she’s a great character, big heart, intelligent, sensitive and real. She’s not for the pretentious world of her parents. It’s no wonder that she fascinates Stone, since he’s never had anything pretty, tender or sweet in his life. Brooke brings out the humanity in Stone, makes him feel and care and put her needs and feelings over his own. As we see his transformation, we realize that he’s been acting like a criminal because that is all he knows. With Brooke, he’s learning another way of life. This book was riveting and the characters very compelling. I was so convinced that Stone deserved a second chance and for justice to be served to him and his band of brothers. Towards the end, it was even uplifting, a great read!

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