The Wrong Kind of Love – Lexi Ryan


A little convoluted story of twin sisters swapping places, but in this instance, its a lot more serious. Nic (short for Nicole) was supposed to marry Marcus and her identical twin sister Veronica was supposed to be her maid of honor. Nic was having cold feet because she had a feeling that Marcus had something going on, probably another woman. Imagine everyone’s surprise when her identical twin sister throws up just when the ceremony is about to start and everyone learns she’s pregnant with the groom’s baby. Not surprisingly, the bride left the town running.

In her rush, Nicole took her sister’s handbag and when she got to the airport, thinking to take her honeymoon trip alone, she had to take her sister’s planned trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan. Problem: her clothes were meant for a trip to the Bahamas.

When Nic arrives at Grand Rapids, she hits the bar and starts drinking. She’s way woozy when she meets this gorgeous hunk who rescues her from a douchebag. They leave together and get to second base at her hotel room but he gets a phone call and has to leave.

Next day, Nic meets with the lady who hired Veronica (the evil identical twin) to act as nanny to a six-year old girl whose father is a OBGYN and has crazy hours. They agree that she should take the job regardless, but hide the little fact that she’s not the original hired nanny. Another twin swap! Once Nic reports to work she gets a big shock: her mysterious stranger from the previous night is her new boss and the little girl’s father. There goes the hope for more sexy times!

Ethan is a widower. His wife dies three years ago and he’s been living under a grey cloud since then. He won’t discuss the circumstances of his wife’s death but he’s bitter and sad. Little by little Nic brings him to laughter and smiles but he keeps his distance because she’s his employee. Until he can’t resist anymore…

Nic has a long track record of bad love decisions and in this case she has no idea what’s the right course of action. However, the attraction is strong but what holds her back is the lie she’s living. Ethan wants to hold off because she’s his employee but he also has a hard time resisting the attraction. Really, this couple is made for each other, even more so because Lily, Ethan’s little girl, got attached to Nic. Having Ethan and Lily in her life is what Nic had been dreaming for all her life.

As secrets are discovered, their family life is made strife. Ethan’s brothers and one sister provide comic relief and background support for this story. There’s a plot line regarding Ethan’s mother who has cancer and is getting treatment in Europe, secretly from her children and only Nic knows. There’s a lot of secrets going around. The author did a great job working all the characters in the story and preparing the way for the next books about the other Jackson brothers. A lot of the book is predictable but it was a fun read and I’m looking forward to more fun times with the Jackson brothers.

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