Review Policy

I love reading romance books, and I have different reactions to the books I read.  The reviews I will be publishing here will be based strictly on the way I reacted to the book.  I will use the usual rating system of five stars, as follows:

  • 1 star = I couldn’t finish the book
  • 2 stars = I didn’t like the book
  • 3 stars = I liked the book
  • 4 stars = I liked the book very much
  • 5 stars = Outstanding, I loved the book!

Please keep into account that reviewing a book is about perception, there are no good or bad books.  Different persons react differently to a book, and will have individual reactions.  I may not like a book and someone else will love it.  In this blog I will be publishing my very own personal reactions.  I respect the effort and time that goes into writing a book and in no way I would like to disrespect this effort.  I welcome all comments to the reviews posted here, but will delete any comment that contains abusive and offensive language.  This is all about our common love of romance books and there should be no hating here, just a community of friends exchanging opinions.

I look forward to share book reviews with you all!